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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sebastopol – Tavistock

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sebastopol – Tavistock

‘Trusting in God, we share God’s love with all, in Christian unity.’

This is not like any other building – this is a house of God!  Here the congregation assembles and God’s Word is proclaimed in liturgy, in music, in prayer, in the spoken word, in the sacraments of baptism and communion – week after week, season after season, year after year.

Here we share the treasures of God’s revealed wisdom.   Here we experience the presence of a compassionate and loving God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and hear the good news in the glorious gospel of God’s love for us.

Here children and adults receive the healing waters of Holy Baptism so that they might be born again into God’s kingdom.  Here we gather around the table, partake of the bread and wine, and in it and with it receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ for the assurance of forgiveness and of life everlasting.

From here we carry the promises of God into our lives and into the lives of others – In Mission for Others.

Trinity is part of the Nith Valley Ministry Area, a grouping of 14 local Lutheran congregations. Together, we are part of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada.

Locally, we are part of the Tavistock & Area Ministerial.

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Pastor Rick

Richard Paul Brown was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, in an area that was historically called Centreville. He was baptized at the Church of the Holy Savior Anglican Church in Waterloo, and joined the Lutheran Church as a member of St. John’s Waterloo in 1984. His formal education included: Conestoga College (Diploma, Recreation Leadership, 1985); University of Waterloo (Bachelor of Arts, Honours Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1992); Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (Master of Divinity, 2002); Martin Lutheran University College (Master of Arts, Theology, 2019).

He had served as Pastor to the congregation of Zion Philipsburg (2002-2007), and currently serves Trinity Tavistock (2007-present).

He has served the Eastern Synod in a variety of capacities including Dean of London Conference, Dean of Nith Valley Ministry Area, Candidacy Committee, and Eastern Synod Council. He also served as an Intern Student Supervisor and Contextual Student Supervisor (WLS). He has served the wider community of Tavistock as a member of the Tavistock Assistance Program Board, Chair of the Tavistock and Area Ministerial, and Chaplain of Tavistock Legion Branch 518.

Pastor Rick Brown, Pastor Bonnie Schelter-Brown

He believes that congregations are called to be caring communities living active faith in active partnerships in the church, and in local, national, and global contexts.

The words “With God all things are possible” which are based on Mark 10:27, have been foundational over his faith journey reminding him of the ongoing presence of God in all that we do and God’s presence makes all things possible.

Pastor Rick is married to Pastor Bonnie Schelter-Brown.

Church Council


Shirley Russwurm
Jon Ross
Joan Lupton
Linda Keller
Sherri Negrazis
Donna Swartzentruber
Wayne Perschbacher
Richard Wilker
Pastor Richard Brown (Ex-Officio)

Church Secretary - Kim Wettlaufer

Church Treasurer - Keith Heinbuch