Clock Tower

The clock was built by George Hess of Zurich and donated in 1886 by the family of Eckhardt Wettlaufer.  There weren’t many clocks made by Hess, who used an odd configuration in the mechanics of the Trinity clock, making it rather unique to repair.  It needed to be “wound” about every three days.  This was… Continue reading Clock Tower


Discussions in 1906 and continuing into 1907 and 1908 were electric – in more ways than one. The subject was whether it would be advisable to have electricity at the Church. Some were for it and some were against. The issue was cost and the projected $500.00 expense that electric lights would incur. Finally, after… Continue reading Lights

Trinity Pipe Organ

In 1893 a contract was signed with the organ firm of Warren & Son of Toronto for a two-manual pipe organ for the sum of $1,450. On July 15, 1894 the organ was dedicated. Miss Martha Veit was the organist, at a salary of $40 per year, and a bellows operator for the organ received… Continue reading Trinity Pipe Organ


At a congregational meeting held in July of 1873 it was ‘moved that from now on the collection in the Church will be taken with a collection bag with a bell’. They were called Klingelbeutels. Tradition says that every time a bell is rung a soul is released from hell and goes to heaven. The… Continue reading Klingelbeutel

Church Altar 1884

This is the altar referenced in the Trinity Church building specifications dated 1883: built by Kalbfleisch & Schaefer, the Tavistock company given the contract for carpentry work for the “new” church: and in place when the church was consecrated in 1884. In the early days the altar was stained a dark colour and almost entirely… Continue reading Church Altar 1884

Sanctuary Mural

The Church was redecorated in 1914.  A highlight was the sanctuary painting, The Ascension of Our Lord, done by the firm of Sturm, Haak and Czervinski of New York.  The mural was commissioned in the period of pre-war optimism of 1914 but as the artist, Mr. Sturm, was a German national, he rushed to finish the work… Continue reading Sanctuary Mural